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Hand Painted VT recycled slate
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  People are really into recycling and saving the earth these days .. and for very good reason.  I decided to turn my artistic talents onto recycled mediums and give these retired sap buckets, windows, bottles, saws and scrap pieces of slate, a second chance.  The sap buckets are original Vermont maple sap buckets that have been sanded, painted and finished with a protective coating.  It all started when I wanted to give something unique as a gift and I thought I would paint them a bucket - I wasn't sure if I could pull it off or not but I had so much fun with it - I decided to continue and began experimenting by trying my hand at painting from a picture.  Since then, I have started to lean more towards specializing in custom designs - it's more fun for me to paint something different each time, it's a new challenge, and keeps my interest - now I'm hooked. 

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